A Thanksgiving Blessing . . . Courtesy of Hames

November 30, 2022

A letter from Grand View Village residents, Tom and Sheryl Church

“On the day before Thanksgiving Day, we stopped by the Hames food pantry to pick up a couple of items, including yams. On the way out, Kelly [Hitchman, Hames Community Coordinator] surprised us with a frozen chicken. We were grateful for it and planned to use it in the near future for several varied meals. Some time ago we had purchased a small turkey breast for our Thanksgiving dinner, but when we pulled it out of the refrigerator, to our dismay, we found it to be yucky, spoiled and moldy.  What to do? Was this going to ruin the holiday dinner? All of the stores were closed. (As they should be).  Aha! . . . out came the Hames chicken to the rescue. A timely blessing to be sure. After thawing, it went into the oven and though a little later in the day than we originally planned, it did very nicely to complete the traditional meal. Deliciousness all around . . . turkey dressing, turkey gravy, etc., and what we have come to call our “Churkey”.

“For those who choose to call this "Turkey Day" instead of the proper Thanksgiving name, we feel sorry for them.  They apparently have no one to be thankful to.  Whether it is turkey or chicken or a bologna sandwich, we are thankful to our God, the Creator of all that is . . . including the day that has been set aside and the bounty of food we enjoy.  Thank you to the Hames family for being part of this Thanksgiving blessing.”

Thanks, Tom and Sheryl, for your kind words!  We hope that more folks will explore the kind of friendly, welcoming atmosphere that neighbors like you have created at Hames Homes. ~Barbara Hames-Bryant www.HamesHomes.com


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