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"I love living at West Park, the Managers are wonderful, always kind and congenial." LaDonna Engle
"Managers are caring and do enforce the easy-to-live-with rules, which creates trouble-free living." Sherron and Dewayne Watkins
"It was very pleasant conducting business with a professional company and individual." Deanna Dement
"We have a beautiful home that we will be sure to enjoy in the years to come." Matt Lick Jessica Church
"We moved to West Park Village in 1995, and have really enjoyed living here." Dave and Mary Jayne
"We have safe places for kids to play." Mary E. King
"Grand View is a clean, well-kept and safe community." John and Doris Zahn
"Y'all have great, caring hearts. You are greatly appreciated." Annie & Ron Harmon
"Thanks to Hames for making it all possible for us!" Chris and Mikki Balmer
"Nice place to live (West Park Village)." Dennis Andrews
"We chose Hames' West Park Village Annex because of the location and the cleanliness of the homes and lots." Mary Craff & Kenny Silker
"We feel so safe in very pleasant surroundings." Sherron and Dewayne Watkins
"Nice and quiet plus it's well maintained by residents." Zigashane Joseph
"Great community and a great place to live." Gaby Galloway
"We have been so very pleased with Hames and the services we received." Charles, Barb, Justin & Shaelyn Sandersfeld
"Love that y'all are friendly and work with people when they need help." Ron & Annie Harmon
"Great place to live. My parents have loved it since they moved in." Zach LaBarge
"This is the best business I have ever worked with." Josh Ballard
"We are so very thankful that we were able to move into a wonderful park." Greg, Brenda and Jade Rawson
"Living in this wonderful, safe and clean area is our dream come true." Toni Floerchinger
"We are also very happy with the purchase and setting up of our home." Bob and Jean Wild
"We love our home and are proud of Grand View." Bob and Cindy Merkel
"Their neighborhoods are clean and quiet." Rachel Arneson
"Hope I can stay the rest of my life." Betty Aegerter
"Everyone has been so helpful and nice." Michael and Susie Heffron
"Thank you again for helping us find a home and a lifestyle that has made us very happy." Michael and Susie Heffron
"You can tell that people care about their homes." John and Bobbie O'Bryon
"Very clean and nice trailer park." Chris N.
"Nice clean place." Zachary Meineke
"A beautiful community for all ages! " Amanda Miller
"Summit View is indeed all we could want for a home community." Bill and Kitty Johnson
"I'll recommend "Hames" very highly whenever the opportunity arises!" Leann Cannon
"I have several friends who live in this community (Sunrise Village). Family oriented and generally quiet and peaceful." Greg Deacon
"There are a lot of long time residents here, who really take care of their yard, which keeps the whole place looking nice." Lisa
"Beautiful environment. The place is well taken of." Christian Baseme
"I am pleased to live in West Branch Mobile Home Village." Evan and Norma Watkinson
"Hames has such a great staff! They put so much time in helping us." Kim Hulshizer
"Hames runs a top-shelf organization. It’s highly regarded everywhere." Jay McDonald
"A great place to live, and I have enjoyed living here! " Tina Sedivec
""Peaceful area to raise children." " Ayub Mburu
"All in all, we have never dealt with more considerate people than those in the Hames office." Clarence and Marjorie Salisbury
"Nice Clean Neighborhood" Susan Busbee
"One of the best decisions we made in our life was to buy a new mobile home from Hames." Mary Croff & Kenny Selker
"Management out here is available for a problem and willing to help if they can." Genevieve Angersola
"Neighbors are friendly and so helpful." Mary Craff & Kenny Silker
"They went that one extra step to make sure the home was ready for immediate occupation." Terrance and Patricia Himes
"We are happy to be living in Grand View. It's such a nice quiet place to live." Ron and Jan Schuster
"Thank you...for selling this wonderful mobile home to me. Everybody that comes in here really likes my home." Mr. Gayle Gates
"Their friendliness is always welcomed." Jack and Lois Livingston
"Hames treated us fair and square and we were more than satisfied with the deal they offered us." Vearl and Dolores Benskin
"Summit View is a great place to live. Well run, fantastic maintenance staff. A clean place to live." Roger Rollins
"Very nice place, very clean. Quiet and well maintained." Lloyd McCaughlin
"Summit View is a great place to live." Emory and Frankie Sample
"Thanks to Hames for their patience, courtesy, advice and efforts." Jack and Lois Livingston
"The manager is great." Gary Kofron
"Very clean and quiet. Very well kept. Very friendly staff." Karen Smith
"We found all of the features we have always wished for in a home, plus more." John and Bobbie O'Bryon
"We looked inside and my heart told me this is the one, and we got to buy it." Sandra and Robert Ohlhauser
"We look forward to our daughter growing up in this wonderful community." Ronnie and Lizz Kascel
"Loving our home" Rick and Teri Cronbaugh
"We will continue to refer Hames to all of our friends and acquaintances we happen to come across!" Lisa J. Potts
"A great safe environment for retirees!" Marnee Glubka
"People are friendly and owners take pride and care in their lots and homes." Genevieve Angersola
"A clean park with a home like atmosphere which makes you feel welcomed!" Don Gatewood
"This is the first home that I have ever owned and I am so proud." William P Manos
"Great place to live." Josh McCool
"Nice, quiet park. A lot of stop signs, but it keeps the park quiet. Good playgrounds and clean streets." Lisa
"Nice place very clean friendly staff." Bernice Johansen
"We are very happy and comfortable in our new home." Doug and Julie Morgan
"If you want to live in a community that cares, choose a Hames Homes community" Belinda Becerril
"I have liked living in the village because of the spacious lots. " Genevieve Angersola
"I am pleased with my selection." Deborah Schmitz
"The staff was always there to answer questions or find answers for us." Jim Blad
"This is a community with strict rules that are enforced. It's a lovely, clean and safe community to live in." Marnee Glubka
"What impressed us most was the prompt service." Vearl and Dolores Benskin
"We were indeed impressed with our dealings with the Hames staff." Clarence and Marjorie Salisbury
"Very customer oriented service and friendly." Tony Aguilar
"We are very grateful to the Hames family for making our life happier in our golden years." Emory and Frankie Sample
"I like living in Summit View Village because it is very much like a small town." Mary E. King
"Have enjoyed all the friendly neighbors." Janet Kline
"The community manager is always available and willing to help in emergencies." Agnes Whitlow
"CLEAN AND QUIET! Owners and residents take pride in the general atmosphere. This park shatters the norm." Val Overbeck
"How fortunate we are to live in such a kind and caring community." Elizabeth Etten
"We have received high quality and friendly service from Hames' sales and service departments." Dave and Irene Falkner
"Love the community!" Ryan Sconyers
"Very helpful, insightful and patient during our search for a new home in the Cedar Rapids area." Dennis Borrison
"Hames made me feel like an important customer and I LOVE my new home!" Wendy Oge
"We would be honored to recommend Hames to anyone." Terrance and Patricia Himes
"I have like living in the village because of the spacious lots." Genevieve Angersola
"Love living in West Branch Village! Have lived here for almost 3 years and its a great community!" Belinda Becerril
"There are a lot of companies that promise a wonderful service department, but Hames has proven it to me." Lisa J. Potts
"Great management....very friendly. Awesome mobile home park!!" Maria Cavros
"One of my biggest dreams for my family was to own my own home and have a yard for my kids to just let loose and be kids." Tara Tudeen
"Such a beautiful place to live. Multiple parks, a walking trail, a disc golf course as well as community events!" Val Overbeck
"Hames is truly a "family " company." Steve and Deb Tyer
"Lovely place to live." Andrew Miller
"After I sold my house, I was in the position to buy another house or condo. Instead I chose to buy a Hames home and live in Grand View." Marnee Glubka
"Beautiful place to live or visit a friend." Peggy Neyens

Fifty Ways to Leave Your High-Maintenance Home

Dear Old Home,

I’ll make this quick and save us both a lot of pain.  I don’t love you anymore.  It’s not about you – it’s about me.  I’m getting older and I need less commitment to my home. 

There’s a new dwelling in my life that I’m in love with.  It’s a Hames manufactured home.

I know you’ll find a new family and move on from our relationship.  Someone with the energy –and money - to put into your leaking roof, creaky floors, and sagging porch.  I wish you all the best.

Signed,  Soon-To-Be-Happy Mobile Homeowner





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Price $84,900.00
Sq. Feet 1680
CommunityGrand View
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Price $94,900.00
Sq. Feet 1904
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