Ready to sell your home? The Hames sales department can help.

February 5, 2021

Are you a resident at Summit View or Grand View and need to sell your manufactured or mobile home? We can help!

Ready to sell your home? The Hames sales department can help.

Are you a resident at Summit View or Grand View and need to sell your manufactured or mobile home? We know that having a manufactured home for sale can seem challenging. Let Curtis and Clint help you find qualified buyers and get top dollar on your sale. Follow our four step process, and we can do the heavy lifting for you on finding qualified buyers.

1.       Contact the sales department at HamesSV Cynthia St Classic Single Bay Window crop for web.jpg

If you are considering selling, we would love to hear from you. Contact Clint or Curtis at, or (319) 377-4863  and we can talk about your options. Occasionally, Hames buys homes from residents, so we may be able to make an offer and buy it directly from you. We can also discuss the details of our fee structure for the listing service – we work on a straightforward percentage commission due at time of closing. Sellers are paid out of the proceeds for the sale and will not need to come up with cash up front. 

2.       Price your home to sell.

If you think the listing service may be a fit for you, Clint and Curtis will come take a look at your home and do an appraisal. We can give suggestions as to what price point should be – we will use data to compare your home to recent sales we have made. We will work together with you to maximize value while also finding you a buyer as soon as possible.

3.       List your home and make it available for showings.

Before your home is on the market, we will need to find which times of the week work best for showings. The more available you can make your home, the better. Some buyers arrive ready to look at a home immediately, so the more flexible you can be with showing times, the quicker your manufactured home will sell. Obviously, a clean and tidy home will be much more attractive to potential buyers.

4.       Negotiate the contract and close.

Once the buyer has seen the home, they may want to make an offer. Things that will need to be negotiated include -

  • Purchase price
  • Closing date
  • Any additional contingencies that may be unique to you or the buyer

Once all negotiations are complete, Hames Homes can process the paperwork, transfer the title, get the buyer into their home, and you get paid! Generally, sellers are paid as quickly as 2-3 business days after closing.


Call Curtis or Clint  to set up an appointment, or if you have any questions -Home Sold for Web.jpg 319.377.4863 or


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