Myth Bust #1 - Mobile Homes are NOT Mobile

September 18, 2013

Manufactured home owners stay in their homes longer than condominium owners, and almost as long as site built homeowners.

Myth: mobile homeowners move around a lot.Hames and Grand View Signs Wilson Ave.jpg

Fact: on average, families stay in mobile homes longer than condominium owners.

For the past decade, an average family has stayed in a single family site built home between 10 and 15 years. Multifamily condo homeownership has averaged 6-10 years.  Homeowners in our manufactured home communities (mobile home parks) stay in their homes longer than that! In a mobile home park, residents buy their homes but lease the land.

Upon looking at the homeowners in our 
Hames communities, we found that the average length of current residency is:

8 years, 5 months            in Summit View, Cedar Rapids

6 years, 10 months          in Grand View, Cedar Rapids (our newest community)

Homeowners who stay in the same place for a long time keep their homes cared-for and well-maintained.  You can’t always say that about renters!  Long term neighbors also get to know each other, and tend to look out for each other, and create a wonderful sense of “community”.

Why rent when you can own a home of your own, in a planned community, with neighbors and managers that care. Click here to view our large selection of new and used, single and double-wide manufactured homes for sale.

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