Manufactured Homes - So Misunderstood

March 1, 2022

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about manufactured homes (formerly “mobile homes” or “trailers”). Over the years, we’ve heard them all. Here are some of our favorites.

How long will a mobile home ‘last’?  I heard they’re built really cheap.

Since 1976, mobile homes have been “manufactured homes,” and built with the same materials used in traditional residential construction.  Federal regulations require building materials - like framing, roofing, siding and insulation - to be the same quality as “site-built” homes.  And since they’re built indoors, free from snow, rain, hail, the lumber won’t warp. Inside a sheltered factory environment is an efficient assembly line process that produces sturdy, low-maintenance homes.

Your home – whether manufactured or site-built - will last as long as you take care of it.  With regular maintenance (fixing plumbing leaks, replacing the roof when needed, etc.), your new manufactured home should outlive you.

Where can I buy the smaller appliances that go into a mobile home?Homes 5 2303 Carlsbad Med.jpg

The miniature fridge, tiny microwave, and two-burner stove that you’re picturing are built for travel trailers and RVs.  Today’s spacious manufactured homes have up to 2400 square feet of livable space. Modern manufactured homes feature plenty of luxuries like island kitchens, gourmet appliances, fireplaces, garden tubs and spacious outdoor decks and patios. The high ceilings, skylights and bright, energy efficient windows will make you forget about the “trailers” of yesteryear.

Where can I find a camp site large enough for my mobile home?

It’s a home, not a camper!  You’re not going to hitch up your manufactured home to your pickup truck and take it on vacation with you. 

All Hames homes are solidly installed according to an approved engineering system. Concrete runners and steel tie-downs keep your home securely in place from strong winds.

Where are all the cars on blocks?  (And the corollary: “I’ve heard that rough people live in trailer parks.”)

This question was actually posed to us by an elected public official. On a tour of our communities, he was surprised by Hames’ abundant common areas, landscaped lawns, welcoming offices, well-kept parks, and inviting playgrounds.

Additionally, every resident moving into a Hames neighborhood undergoes a background check before approval.  There are common guidelines that all residents agree to.  Grand View and Summit View are planned neighborhoods with on-call, on-site managers for your safety and comfort.

Hames Homes has a large inventory of new and used, single and double-wide manufactured.  Visit our model homes at Grand View Village, 7 days a week at 5410 Wabash St. SW in Cedar Rapids.  Call Curtis or Clint at (319) 377-4863 or contact us online.  We can discuss financing loan options with you, too!

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