Manufactured Homes: Fact or Fiction? Take Our Quiz

October 2, 2023

There are many truths and misconceptions about manufactured homes (formerly called “mobile homes” or “trailers”). Take our quiz and see if you pass!

1.                   True or false: Mobile homes are built with cheap materials.

Answer: This is a trick question.  “Mobile homes” haven’t been built since 1976.  Since then, factory-built dwellings have been called “manufactured homes” and constructed according to strict quality specifications defined by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

Today’s sturdy manufactured homes contain the same building materials as site-built homes in traditional neighborhoods.  They’re just built indoors, so they cost less.

2.                   The maximum wind a properly installed manufactured home can survive without tipping over:

A.      60 miles per hour

B.      70 miles per hour

C.      100 miles per hour

D.      140 miles per hour or more

Correct Answer D. We know this because during the 2020 Derecho natural disaster, Cedar Rapids suffered 140-mile-an-hour winds for over 45 minutes and only 3 of the 850 Hames homes shifted slightly on its foundation. None tipped over.  Property installed manufactured homes are safe and solid!

3.                   Amenities found in Grand View and Summit View manufactured home communities:

A.      Parks and playgrounds

B.      Dog park

C.      Disc golf course

D.      Walking trails

E.       All of the above

Correct Answer E:  Hames communities also have on-site 24-hour management, events for residents of all ages, a basketball court, food bank, community garden, lending library, and more!

4.                   Things that manufactured homes DON’T have:

A.      Garage

B.      Lots of space

C.      Walk-in closets

D.      Updated island kitchen

E.       A big mortgage payment

Correct Answer E:  You can have ALL these amenities in a Hames home without a burdensome loan payment! With up to 2,400 square feet and home sites large enough for an optional garage, you’ll find the home you’ve always wanted with all the extras you ever dreamed of.

5.                   True or false? Mobile home living is for newlyweds and retirees.

False - Grand View and Summit View manufactured home communities are filled with residents of all ages and household types.  From singles to couples to families and empty nesters, there’s something for everyone in Hames communities.

6.                   I want to live in a spacious, economical home in a safe, attractive neighborhood.

o   Yes                        

o   No

Correct Answer: Yes!

Call Hames – The Homes People® today and view our large inventory of new and used mobile and manufactured homes for sale.  Contact us online, call us today, or visit our sales office 7 days a week at 5410 Wabash St. SW in Cedar Rapids. We can talk to you about financing options, too.


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