Barbara Hames

Hames-The Homes People

Curt and Norma Hames: Radical pioneers in the field of mobile homes and manufactured housing in Iowa.

Meet the Mayors

Posted: 07/31/2018
If Hames communities were a city, we’d be larger than 77% of the towns in Iowa .

Goodbye, Marion, Iowa. We will miss you!

Posted: 06/21/2018
We're moving closer to our Hames communities in a few days.

What's your MH IQ?

Posted: 05/25/2018
Think you’re an expert? How much do you really know about manufactured homes?

"What's Interesting about Iowa?"

Posted: 04/24/2018
In a chic San Francisco eatery, a waiter interrogated my daughter and me on a recent college spring break trip to Northern California.