Barbara Hames

Hames-The Homes People

Curt and Norma Hames: Radical pioneers in the field of mobile homes and manufactured housing in Iowa.

Say Goodbye to Your Old Home

Posted: 02/25/2019
“How can we say goodbye to our old house where we raised our kids?” home buyers ask. It’s easy to break free. Just follow the sample letter below.

New York City Apartments vs. Midwest Mobile Homes

Posted: 01/31/2019
Bright lights, big city…who hasn’t thought of that? Wait! What? It will cost HOW much?

Warm and Cozy Mobile Homes

Posted: 12/31/2018
Thought about buying a mobile home for sale, but wondered if it would be comfortable in the winter? There are lots of easy, inexpensive ways to make your furnace your friend.

Taking the Mystery Out of Mobile Home Titles

Posted: 11/29/2018
Mobile homes are built from the same materials as site built homes, but they're titled like a car. That's a good thing.