Barbara Hames

Hames-The Homes People

Curt and Norma Hames: Radical pioneers in the field of mobile homes and manufactured housing in Iowa.

8 Financing Traps to Avoid When Buying a Mobile Home

Posted: 06/21/2021
Manufactured homes (formerly called “mobile homes” or “trailers”) are one of America’s most affordable housing options. They are built indoors which reduces waste and removes weather variables that add cost.

How Much is Home Site Rent and What is it for?

Posted: 05/03/2021
Grand View and Summit View Manufactured Home Parks are correctly called “land-lease communities”. Residents own their homes and lease the land. How does that compare financially with a site built home on real estate? Pretty good, actually.

What is the Difference between a Manufactured Home and a Mobile Home?

Posted: 03/31/2021
“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” Juliet muses to herself in Shakespeare’s classic love story. Whether you call it a manufactured home or mobile home it’s still safe, affordable, attractive housing.

How Safe are Manufactured Homes in a Tornado?

Posted: 02/25/2021
Fact: Federal installation and construction laws produce manufactured homes as sturdy, reliable and as weather-proof as site-built homes.