Warm and Cozy Mobile Homes

December 31, 2018

You don’t need to turn the heat (and expense) way up to keep your manufactured or mobile home warm this winter.  Remember these Do’s and Don’ts for a comfy home:


  1. Each year, make sure the heat tape is installed properly around your water line and plugged in.  If you lose power in the winter, make sure your heat tape is still turned on.

  2. Install a programmable thermostat.    Why heat your mobile or manufactured home to 72 degrees when there’s no one home?

  3. Reverse your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise in the winter.  This pushes the warm air back down.

  4. Lock the windows in the winter time. This tightens the gap and allows less cold air in.

  5. Add door sweeps for drafty doors, available at home improvement stores.

  6. Keep skirting around the bottom of the home in good repair.  Broken skirting or skirting with holes lets cold air flow around the belly of the home.

  7. And speaking of bellies, make sure the insulation beneath your home is sealed and snug with no holes.

  8. Seal drafty windows. Add inside weather stripping like Moretite caulking cord, which is removable for spring and summer.

NOTE: Any changes on the outside of your home should be approved by a Hames community manager in advance.


  1. Don’t ever shut off your heat completely.  Even if you’re gone for an extended time, your pipes can burst and cause expensive damage to your home if they dip below a freezing temperature.

  2. Don’t let the water drip in your faucets.  It’s a myth that this will keep your pipes from freezing.  In reality, it wastes water and may cause sewer pipes to freeze.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your warm and comfortable mobile home.  Hames has a large selection of mobile homes for sale, from two bedroom single-section mobile homes to spacious four bedroom double-wides.  Visit our sales center at 5410 Wabash St. SW, Cedar Rapids, IA or call us at 319-377-4863.


Ken Corbin
on 12/31/18
Barbara ... you are SO right on these suggestions. They are wonderful ways for us to not only enjoy our home more, but save money as well. Thanks!

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