Smaller is Better

June 23, 2014

Who knew that manufactured homes perfectly meet the housing trends of today?  Well, we did, and now we’d like to tell you about it.

Since the 1950s houses have gotten bigger. The average American home grew from 983 square feet in 1950 to 2,521 square feet in 2008 -- a 158% increase.

Yet since the Great Recession, Americans have re-evaluated their priorities. The average home has decreased in size every year since 2008.  The May 2014 Edition of RISMedia’s Real Estate writes that, “The Great Recession saw many families downsize into smaller homes with more manageable mortgages.  Even with the economy moving again, many homeowners found they like the efficiency and utility of smaller, more purposeful spaces.” 

According to Christopher Solomon of MSN Real Estate, more families are looking for not-so-big homes that are livable, comfortable and “green”.  While it was once stylish to purchase a home as big as you could afford, now more households prefer a lovely home located in a desirable neighborhood that’s easy to heat & cool and simple to keep clean.

That sounds like a Hames manufactured home!  What were once maligned as “trailers” now have:

ü  Open concept floor plans

ü  Living space all on one floor

ü  Laundry rooms on the same level as rest of the home

ü  Skylights for natural light                                     

ü  Energy STAR appliances

ü  Good insulation

ü  Small, low-maintenance yards for beauty and privacy

ü  Most home sites large enough for optional garages

ü  Planned neighborhoods with parks, playgrounds, community rooms and green spaces

You can buy as much home as you need, for a fraction of the price of a site-built home.  Hames mobile homes are factory-built with the same building materials used in site-built homes.  Because they’re constructed indoors, supplies are purchased in bulk for price savings, and stored indoors in a climate-controlled environment.

There is a mobile home size and floor plan for every season of your life.  From 2 bedroom  924 square foot single-wides, to a 4 bedroom 2432 square foot double-wides, you’ll be impressed with the efficiency, luxury and livability of a Hames home. 

With a Hames home, you’ll be getting all the space that you need, and loving the space that you have!

View beautiful model homes for sale at our Hames Mobile Homes sales center at 640 Marion Blvd. in Marion, Iowa or at Grand View in Cedar Rapids.  We can help you find the right home, with all the features you need, in a great neighborhood. 

Ask us about financing options for your new or used mobile home.  We can help with that too!


george allen
on 06/24/14

I continue to enjoy your warm and folksy manner. Can't help but believe more independent (street) MHRetailers, even and-lease-lifestyle community owners/operators who sell homes on-site, would 'borrow' your writing content and style if they knew about your blog. George Allen, CPM & MHM

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