A Rose by Any Other Name would Smell as Sweet

September 03, 2013

July 31, 2013

I hope you all will enjoy my new weblog “Tales from the Trailer Parks”. This is actually a tongue-in-cheek title, since in our business we HATE the word “trailer” followed only by our dislike of the words “mobile home”. We prefer “manufactured home”.

But wouldn’t you know…Informatics our website development business partner in Cedar Rapids Iowa recently did a Deep Site Analysis to determine how our customers find www.hameshomes.com on the Internet. Apparently 82% of folks using a search engine to look for us, type in the words “mobile home”. Who knew!

Technically a mobile home hasn’t been built since 1976 which the US Department of Housing and Urban Development improved the construction standards of “mobile homes”. So now any factory built homes that are moved to a location are actually “manufactured homes” or “modular homes”. But after 37 years of trying to get everybody to say manufactured home, we’re throwing in the towel.

It reminds me of the 1970's when the government was trying to make us all use the Metric System. You remember we were going to change mileage signs to kilometers, and the temperature on the bank signs would show Celsius instead of Fahrenheit? -SIGH-

You win: You call them mobile homes, so we will too. You call them mobile home parks, so we will too. You say potato...

Please enjoy my musings on mobile homes and mobile home parks in Cedar Rapids, Marion, Iowa City and West Branch Iowa. I appreciate your feedback and comments!


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