Our Communities

Parks, Playgrounds, Walking Trails, Green Spaces, Events - Many amenities make Hames

Five spacious, attractive communities make up Hames Manufactured Home properties. Here, you will find old-

fashioned community spirit... a quiet and safe neighborhood, where folks have a quick, friendly smile and wave.

Each community has much to offer its residents: 

  • Well-maintained properties with manicured lawns and mature trees 
  • On-site management professionals to serve resident needs 
  • Home site lease includes water, sewer and garbage pickup 
  • Safe, peaceful environments 
  • Recreation areas and playgrounds 
  • Community activities and events 
  • Emergency Storm Shelters

The Hames Communities are a great place to call home!

For more information about each of our beautiful Hames Communities, click on one of our properties shown below. 

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