Can I Purchase a Mobile/Manufactured Home with Poor (or No) Credit?

Barbara Hames | Posted: 11/06/2017
Hames Homes LLC’s sister company, Circle Finance LLC, looks at a variety of factors when approving a loan application. Credit score is just one of them.

“I want to over-pay for housing.” Said no one, ever.

Barbara Hames | Posted: 09/27/2017
Comparing mobile/manufactured homes, site-built homes on real estate, condominiums, and apartments is easy. We drew it all out for you!

Find and Finance Your Next Mobile Home

Barbara Hames | Posted: 08/08/2017
Hames Homes is fully on board with the SAFE Mortgage Act of 2010 to ensure qualified mobile home buyers/borrowers get what they need – a comfortable home with a simple, fair loan.

Who Lives in a Hames Mobile Home Park?

Barbara Hames | Posted: 07/21/2017
There’s a bad cliché in our industry that “trailer parks” are for the newly-weds and nearly-deads. Meaning, “trailers” are for young couples and poor retirees. In reality, mobile/manufactured homes are for everyone.

Bookmobile Comes to Sunrise Mobile Home Village in Iowa City

Barbara Hames | Posted: 06/20/2017
A book is a dream that you hold in your hand. –Neil Gaiman

What Every Mobile Home Owner Needs to Know about Insurance

Barbara Hames | Posted: 05/24/2017
Insurance is a topic so dull that it can put even the heartiest souls to sleep. But wait! Before your eyelids start drooping, take a look at your current manufactured homeowner’s insurance policy and make sure you’re covered.

How to evaluate a manufactured home (mobile home) dealer.

Barbara Hames | Posted: 01/19/2017
You know you want to live in a mobile or manufactured home, but how do you know you’re buying from a reputable dealership?

Featured Home

Barbara Hames | Posted: 12/22/2016
4 bedroom, 2 ½ bathroom mobile home for sale in West Branch, Iowa