Bookmobile Comes to Sunrise Mobile Home Village in Iowa City

Barbara Hames | Posted: 06/20/2017
A book is a dream that you hold in your hand. –Neil Gaiman

What Every Mobile Home Owner Needs to Know about Insurance

Barbara Hames | Posted: 05/24/2017
Insurance is a topic so dull that it can put even the heartiest souls to sleep. But wait! Before your eyelids start drooping, take a look at your current manufactured homeowner’s insurance policy and make sure you’re covered.

How to evaluate a manufactured home (mobile home) dealer.

Barbara Hames | Posted: 01/19/2017
You know you want to live in a mobile or manufactured home, but how do you know you’re buying from a reputable dealership?

Featured Home

Barbara Hames | Posted: 12/22/2016
4 bedroom, 2 ½ bathroom mobile home for sale in West Branch, Iowa

Hames Homes Featured in Marion Times!

Barbara Hames | Posted: 12/05/2016
Since 1969, the Hames family has been selling beautiful, affordable mobile and manufactured homes at 640 Marion Blvd., Marion, Iowa.

5 Reasons Why Manufactured Homes are Better than “Tiny Homes”

Barbara Hames | Posted: 12/02/2016
Along with chia pets, mood rings, and macramé hangers, we expect the “tiny home” fad to fade. We’re sure that homebuyers will soon realize the best way to live green and comfortable is in a Hames mobile home. Here’s why:

Meet Curtis Hames, Sales and Marketing Specialist

Barbara Hames | Posted: 10/30/2016
Meet Troy Curtis Hames, IV. The “IV” means “the fourth” and yes, he’s the fourth generation in this line. He’s been hanging around mobile homes sales, now called “manufactured homes”, since he was a baby. We asked Curtis his feelings about mobile ho

Three Things That DON'T Matter When Buying Manufactured Home

Barbara Hames | Posted: 08/18/2016
Purchasing a home is one of the major financial decisions of your life. When you’re looking to buy a manufactured home, concentrate on what’s important, and skip the stuff that’s not.