"I have liked living in the village because of the spacious lots. "

- Genevieve Angersola

"Y'all have great, caring hearts. You are greatly appreciated."

- Annie & Ron Harmon

"Love that y'all are friendly and work with people when they need help. "

- Ron & Annie Harmon

"Happy lifestyle at Grandview"

- Michael and Susie Heffron

"Everyone has been so helpful and nice."

- Michael and Susie Heffron

"Hames runs a top-shelf organization."

- Jay McDonald

"We have received high quality and friendly service from Hames' sales and service departments."

- Dave and Irene Falkner

"We are also very happy with the purchase and setting up of our home."

- Bob and Jean Wild

"Thanks to Hames for their patience, courtesy, advice and efforts."

- Jack and Lois Livingston

"There are a lot of companies that promise a wonderful service department, but Hames has proven it to me."

- Lisa J. Potts

"It was very pleasant conducting business with a professional company and individual."

- Deanna Dement

"One of my biggest dreams for my family was to own my own home and have a yard for my kids to just let loose and be kids."

- Tara Tudeen

"One of the best decisions we made in our life was to buy a new mobile home from Hames."

- Mary Croff and Kenny Selker

"We are very happy and comfortable in our new home."

- Doug and Julie Morgan

"I'll recommend "Hames" very highly whenever the opportunity arises!"

- Leann Cannon

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